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The four major fashion weeks of Spring/Summer 2024 each have their unique focuses: New York is key for its understated and minimalist styles, London emphasizes the integration of outdoor elements with British culture, Milan returns to the glamour and vibrancy of the 1960s fashion, and Paris interprets pragmatism through diverse designs. However, there are also some common trends among the four cities.

This article extracts data from trend analysis articles on a hot trends website, summarizing the common trends showcased across the fashion weeks; it also analyzes the trends from the 2024 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week. Additionally, it compiles trend analyses from New York, London, and Milan, forming a comprehensive and in-depth report on the trends of the Spring/Summer 2024 major fashion weeks.

Summary of Four Major Fashion Week Trend Highlights

  • Uniform Daily190
  • Exquisite White Shirt170
  • Comfortable Sweater150
  • Shorter Shorts95
  • Princess Daily Dress79

Uniform Daily

Uniforms appear in the form of suits; pockets and other utilitarian elements enhance the practicality of dresses, with clean and sharp tailoring in line with the trend of minimalism; modified hunting shirts feature a key design with multiple pockets.

Consumer desire for the outdoors has driven the popularity of jackets. Trench coats and hoodie jackets are being redesigned with changes in proportions, and oversized cocoon jackets create a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Exquisite White Shirt


The classic white shirt is reinvented with deconstructed off-the-shoulder designs, artisanal embellishments, and changes in proportions, combining luxurious sequins and handcrafted decorations to present a refined and opulent texture.

Comfortable Sweater

Comfortable Sweater

The classic polo shirt is updated with vivid and bright colors, while variable striped patterns add personality. The “grandma style” cardigan is a major silhouette for this season’s sweaters, combining retro pattern designs with calm, natural tones to create a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere.

Shorter Shorts

Shorter Shorts

In Spring/Summer 2024, shorts with extreme proportions hold a significant position, refreshed with a variety of materials and styles, such as cropped trousers that update formal wear. Paired with jackets and blazers, they bring a 1960s retro fashion vibe, suitable for transitioning outfits between daily wear and party occasions.

Princess Daily Dress

Princess Daily Dress

The babydoll miniskirt, combined with pastel colors, bold prints, and luxurious elements, offers a sexy and luxurious party dress option. The everyday court skirt features an exaggerated bell-shaped A-line hem combined with elements like tulle, petticoats, and floral patterns, creating an elegant gown silhouette.

Key Fabrics

  • Dirty and Old30
  • Practical Jeans80
  • Pure Tulle70

Pure Tulle


Transparent fabrics hold a significant place this season, with sheer tulle as a key element. Layering soft and pure colored sheer tulle enhances the romantic and feminine allure.

Practical Jeans

Practical Jeans


Denim is leaning towards a more practical direction, achieving a vintage effect through dyeing and distressing, enriched with delicate floral details to enhance the appearance.

Dirty and Old

Practical Jeans

The retro brushed suede is favored for its soft, delicate, and comfortable texture. The finely structured fibers show traces of wear, combined with practical neutral colors, to create a vintage urban modern look.



key Pattern

  • Pastoral Plants and Flowers
  • Stripes&Checks
  • Gradient Dyeing


Pastoral botanical and floral designs are showcased through localized embroidery, oil painting strokes, and digital printing, creating an exquisitely detailed pastoral style.


Striped and plaid patterns are combined with sheer materials and enlarged proportions, incorporating pastel hues or contrasting stripes, conveying a vibrant and youthful vibe.

This season’s gradient dyeing is noteworthy, featuring gradient ombré, burn marks, and localized dye patterns that adorn the edges or specific areas of garments. These details create a worn, everyday look and explore street culture under a decadent aesthetic.

Keyword Details

  • Jewelry Decoration
  • Torn Edges
  • Three-Dimensional Super Large Flowers

Exquisite buttons, pendants, and other jewelry embellishments on basic garments create a luxurious edge. The combination of jewelry and floral elements adds romantic and delicate features to the attire, emphasizing femininity and creating rich textures and a sense of refinement.

Incorporating ruffle elements and distressed aesthetics into fashion design, ruffles emphasize softness and femininity. Torn, frayed edges and details seek a raw texture, creating an avant-garde and rebellious image.

Three-Dimensional Super Large Flowers

Exquisite and soft three-dimensional roses appear in an oversized scale within garment structures or as distinct stylized accents for localized decoration, highlighting a refined sense of craftsmanship.


Recommended Combination

Comfortable athletic pieces paired with urban blazers and knee-length culottes, combined with practical neutral colors, create a comfortable commuting look. A sheer top paired with distressed denim culottes crafts a soft, feminine streetwear style.

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